Capitalist Leveling and the Problem of Pagan Values


By Kadmus

In my essay from April 27th, “Towards a Pagan Politics”, I claimed that capitalism levels all values while paganism is committed to a pluralism of irreducibly different values. I lacked time and space then to fully flesh out this point, but I would like to dedicate myself here to clarifying and expanding upon the claim.

What is Value?


I think that my claim could have been made even stronger, specifically that while capitalism starts out as the dominance of one value over all others it becomes a complete loss of all sense of value. Capitalism is a nihilism of the most banal sort. Paganism, on the other hand, is dedicated to the rich complexity, vibrancy and value-laden nature of life. To see how and why this is the case we need to investigate the concept of value rather closely.

Today we have a highly subjective concept…

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2 thoughts on “Capitalist Leveling and the Problem of Pagan Values

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Sable Aradia! I am the author of the piece and would be very interested in discussing any thoughts you or any of your readers might have in response.


    1. It’s a great piece. Thanks for writing it. I agree with you: I don’t think “the bottom line” is at all compatible with the Pagan world view, regardless of whether you’re liberal or conservative, for the very reasons you’ve mentioned. I’ll comment more on the article itself when I have less of a deadline looming. 😉


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